Wheel Drive Pin Socket for VanDiemen Cars

Quit struggling! Stop rounding off the drive pins using an open end wrench and stop spreading the wrench opening trying to install or remove the drive
pins. Made to fit the standard VD drive pin flats on most all models. Makes removing, installing and checking the drive pins a snap!
This tool is available as an adapter that presses into a 1/2″ 6 point socket, or we can assemble it here for you as a complete unit.

Adapter only (fits 1/2″ 6 point socket wrench): $19           Complete unit (already pressed into 3/8 drive socket): $29
Note: the adapter is not a slip fit for the socket – it needs to be pressed into the socket making it a permanent tool for dedicated use.
This can be done using a hydraulic press or even a bench vise.