Formula Car Transport Wheels

' Do-it-Yourself' Transport Wheels

Here is an inexpensive & EZ way to make your own really nice transport wheels.
Shown below are several easy to find (used) motorcycle wheels that can be quickly converted into transport wheels.
You can find them for $40-$75 each at your local motorcycle salvage yard or on Ebay.
Most people involved in racing know someone that has a milling machine or lathe – you’ll need their help – but it’s easy.
Machine out a center hole where the original motorcycle hub/bearing is. Weld in our pre-machined hubs and you are done!

Wheels shown below are examples of finished converted wheels
4 Transport Wheel Hubs $240

Donor wheels used to make above examples are shown below for recognition help

Yamaha XJ750 front 19″ (1980s)
Maxium XJ550-650-750 (has 6 bolt brake disc)

Kawasaki (1980s) KZ440 front 19″
Has 7 bolt brake hub on one side & smaller hub on other side.
NOT a Vulcan as the small side is too small in diameter

Kawasaki KZ440 front 19″ (1980s)
Has small center hub on both sides
with 4 bolt brake disc

Transport wheels take the pain out of loading and unloading your car.
Our hubs have a dual drive pin pattern design plus over sized slots that allows them to be used on most current
generation formula cars using 3-3/4″ or 3-1/2″ and other drive pin circles, Including Formula Atlantic, Formula
B, Formula 2000 , Formula Ford, Pro Formula Mazda, Formula Continental, and FE (F/SCCA).
Their multi – drive pin configuration makes them a big plus if you get another car or switch classes.
Flat or taper wheel nut configurations available. Custom hubs can be done using your drawings.
Note: These wheels will only fit center lock applications – Not ‘4 lug nut type’ wheel hubs.