Nomex Expanded Cell Honeycomb

Ideal for high strength / light weight / rigid construction & repair of composite panels.

All of the body panels on our Metrik F2000 cars were constructed using Nomex honeycomb sandwich core. So naturally we stock 1/8″ Nomex expanded cell honeycomb in 36″ x 96″ sheets and can offer them to you at a super price. The over-expanded cell structure allows it to be more flexible, which also makes it perfect for use in tight radius curves. It has a high fire resistance and is thermally insulating. It bonds well with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins (and most adhesives).
Due to the nature of this material, the overall length and width of the sheets may grow slightly due to cell expansion. If  the sheet is cut in half, It can be rolled for shipping. Due to the cell structure, it can only be rolled width-wise, not length-wise.

Quarter sheet (36″ x 24″): $55       Half Sheet (36″ x 48″): $90        Full Sheet (36″ x 96″): $165

Rolled sheets can go UPS/FedEx             No cutting charges             Packaging/crating fee additional on Full sheets