Revised VD Rear Upright Top Block & Steer Arm

This Revised rear upright Top Block & Steering Arm includes several beneficial features:

It eliminates the spacer plate between the upright and the block.
It incorporates an extra 20mm dowel that indexes in the center of the stock VD upright.
This provides extra shear strength as the stock dowels are small and located close to the edge of the upright casting.
They will often ‘egg-out’ the pockets or break through the casting wall.
This is common if you use the curbs while driving or crash that corner of the car (see last photo above).
The block has a window that allows you to change brake discs or drive pins without removing the block from the upright.
The Block is also designed with a much larger camber shim surface area for increased clamp load.
The Revised rear steering arm has a matching camber shim configuration for a more ridged assembly.
We supply wider surface area camber shims for these parts (photo lower right shows the difference from stock).
The Rear Steering Arm also has Inner walls for strength and a window that allows easier access to the camber bolts.