Revised Rear Upper Wishbone For Late Model VanDiemens

These Revised Upper rear wishbones use a floating toe link, rod ends on both inboard legs, and a fish mouthed
spherical bearing housing on the outboard end.

This configuration eliminates the preload that occurs when the toe turnbuckle is not perfectly aligned with the rear steering arm.
When this condition exists (and it usually does) the turnbuckle and rod end, being threaded parts, are under preload and apt to break.
If you have been running a VD a few years you may have witnessed the rear toe turnbuckle break – if not your own, someone else’s.
The other failure prone area is the cast bearing housing plates.
If the spherical bearings pressed into these plates are too tight, it will create stresses trying to flex the plate and eventually lead to the plate cracking and breaking.
The updated wishbones and toe links can be ordered with or without rod ends and/or spherical bearings.
The wishbones are .049” wall 4130 streamline tubing.
The toe link is 4130 round tubing.
Both are finished with a weapons grade durable black coating that is chemical resistant.
The toe links come with a numbered band to help with quick toe setting adjustment.

Wishbone with outer spherical bearing installed, no rod ends on inboard legs. $295
Wishbone with spherical bearing and inner rod ends installed and jigged to your #s.$395
Toe link w/out rod ends $45
Toe link with rod ends installed (not set to specific length). $145
We use Aurora PRXMT series rod ends on all parts supplied.
Use your existing reducer bushings and If you chose to use them, the VD rod ends (3/8″ shank – 5/16″ bore) are the same size .
Note: the brake line on our wishbone is not run inside the wishbone tubing.
Zip tie or tape it to the wishbone leg. This helps when the wishbone gets bent in a crash situation.
You will most likely be able to save the brake line and re-use it (maybe not even have to bleed brakes!)