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Rsport is a Formula Continental, F/C, Formula 2000, F2000
race prep shop.
Rsport is focused primarily on the F2000 Championship
Series sponsored by Hoosier Tires.
Rsport offers preparation and Track side service for F2000,
Formula 2000, F/C, Formula Continental cars.
Join Rsport in the F2000 Championship Racing Series.
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Metrik F2000 car enging area Left side
Metrik F2000 car 0 on track
Metrik F2000 car in false grid
Metrik F2000 car 0 in paddock
Metrik F2000 car Right rear
Metrik F2000 car rear
Metrik F2000 car front on track
Metrik F2000 car on track front 3/4
Metrik F2000 car right side on track
We are pleased to offer  the METRIK F2000 Zetec chassis for your consideration.
A full description and list of features can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • A raised nose design that maintains the 'Flat bottom' rule. Thus allowing the front wing to be full width and exhaust the air through a tunnel under the driver's legs.
  • A fully stressed engine, gearbox design that utilizes a magnesium cam cover mount, front mid engine mount beam, lower front and lower rear oil pan mount means. This not only
    provides superior rigidity to the rear of the car, but now all areas behind the roll hoop become easily accessible and serviceable.
  • A superior braking system featuring 4 pot Brembo monoblock radial mounted alloy calipers and vented 280mm rotors that weigh no more than the common LD20 solid units.
  • Light weight magnesium uprights specifically designed for each corner of the car.
  • Light weight magnesium structural member oil tank with internal surge baffle for oil control and large clean out access plates.
  • Billet aluminum engine adapter that incorporates clutch slave, starter mount, rear damper levers, rear ARB mount, rear suspension pick up mounts.
  • A completely enclosed rear body design for air control.
  • All body work is extremely easy to remove. No Dzus fasteners or CamLoc fasteners. Single quick latches allow almost instant access to engine cover and front shocks.
  • All body work is made using high quality glass cloth, sandwich cored with nomex honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb, laminated with epoxy resin, vacuum bagged, and oven
    cured. This process produces extremely light weight, rigid parts with superior strength. The driver's seat shell is Kevlar. The cockpit side panels also incorporate Kevlar.
  • The main electrical components (battery, ECU, relays) and fire bottle are located under the driver seat bucket and are able to be quickly accessed, serviced or replaced.
The METRIK F2000 chassis was conceived and built as a 'No Compromise'  design.
Only high quality materials and components are used.  The METRIK F2000 comfortably accommodates 6'4" - 230 lb drivers as well as 5' - 120 lb pilots.
The METRIK chassis is SCCA Homologated and legal for Pro racing in the '
F2000 Championship Series'. Changing the brake calipers to 2 piston units is required for SCCA club events .
Some features of  the METRIK include: