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We are always looking for team members who have a passion for racing
What will you be doing:   In shop work consisting of building, servicing and preparing F2000 cars for competition. Simple fabrication work.
                                Crew at the track, mechanical work, set-ups and chassis tuning. Prior 'at Track' race crew experience is a big plus.
What you will need:   A reasonably high mechanical aptitude coupled with a willingness to learn new procedures and concepts. Some fabrication skills.
What we require:  A serious commitment and schedule on your part - at 140 mph the driver will be counting on your workmanship.
What we provide:  All tools and equipment.
Composite fabrication
What you will be doing:  Fabricating race car bodywork and wing elements. Working with epoxy laminating resins and Kevlar, Carbon Fiber,
E-Glass & S-Glass fabrics. Creating parts using Nomex or aluminum honeycomb sandwich core construction, vacuum bagged & oven cured.
What you will need: Experience and/or the desire to learn how to make high quality, high strength, light weight composite parts.
What we require: A sincere commitment and schedule on your part - attention to detail - this work requires patience - we will be counting on you.
What we provide: Training.
Sheet metal & Steel tubing fabrication
What you will be doing: Fabricating chassis components, frames & suspension pieces. TIG welding. Tubing bending.
What you will need: Experience with metal working tools & equipment & TIG welding / or the desire to learn.
What we require: A scheduled and serious effort - the ability to work safely with quality in mind.
What we provide: Tools & equipment. Training.
Machining - both manual and CNC
What you will be doing:  Making race car parts using CNC machinery and manual lathe & milling machines.
What you will need:  Prior machining experience or training and/or a sincere desire to learn.
What we require:  A scheduled work commitment - attention to detail.
What we provide:  Training if needed.
Design using 3D Modeling / CAD / CAM
What you will be doing:  Using computer design and modeling software.
What you will need:  Prior experience, training.
What we require:  A scheduled commitment - the ability to follow through on projects.
What we provide: Training if needed.
Our effort also takes us to other facilities for developement
Wind Tunnel and Shaker Rig Testing
For more information or to schedule an interview, contact;
Please no phone calls or unscheduled visits
We are a full time race shop and a Formula 2000 team located in the Moon Township area near the Pittsburgh International Airport.
If you live in the area, we are exploring who is out there that would be willing and wanting to help with the 2018 race season (and beyond).
Even if you are working full time, in school, or Retired, and looking for something fun/exciting - This can be part time / full time.  
This is not a ‘typical job’ type situation, but rather an involvement in the sport of racing. We are looking for enthusiasts, people with a passion for racing –
specifically Formula cars and circuit racing. You need to enjoy working on race cars and seeing your efforts come to life in competition.

is work, but it is also fun stuff. You will most certainly expand your knowledge and skills. If you have the desire to learn, we do everything from design,
3-D modeling, CAD/CAM/ CNC and manual machining, composite body work (from design to finished parts), tubing, steel and aluminum fabrication,
shock rebuilds & dyno work, formula car rebuilds, chassis set-up, race data acquisition and analysis, at-the-track crew and support.

If you do this just to get a pay check, this is not the place for you. This needs to be what you want to be doing for fun or in your spare time.
If you have previous experience working on Formula Cars and working as crew at the track, we can get you paid for your efforts right away.
If you don't have experience or haven't had any training working on race cars, we can provide you with a  'Hands-on' education in these areas.
While we can't pay you while you are learning, you will get paid once you become competent as a mechanic, crew, etc.
Look at this as a '
tuition free' Trade School program.
You will get a chance to learn, eventually get paid, work in a fun exciting field and receive a letter of recommendation when it comes time to move on.
The ultimate goal (other than winning races) is to have a 1st class team of individuals who love what they do.
If you have or would like to learn any of the following skills, here is your opportunity to get involved !